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Visiting a dentist in Australia for the first time: FAQs about fixed prices

For most people, visiting a dental clinic can put a huge dent in their wallet, especially they are having a specialist treatment. While there are fixed price dental services, costs can still vary from one practice to another.

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In this article, you can gather useful information about the costs of dental services in Australia. You can also get ideas about making the best decision for your particular situation.

Why do dentist prices vary from one practice to another?

Unlike other medical services, dental check-ups and treatments in Australia do not have standard prescribed fees. That means you can find different treatment plans from different clinics that charge as they please. Also, prices depend on overheads, clinic location, and the procedures used.

The amount depends on the treatments that you need and the dentist. Still, some clinics offer fixed price dental services.

How much do dental check-ups and treatments cost?

Generally speaking, a dental visit in Australia can range from $66 for a comprehensive oral examination to $295 for the tooth removal cost.

For the teeth cleaning cost Brisbane clinics charge, it can range from $91 to $157.

However, prices can be a lot higher for more serious procedures, such as endodontics and prosthodontics. For example, the price for preparing your teeth for a root canal can range from $183 to $410, while a full-crown veneer can range from $1,261 to $1,945.

How often do you visit your dentist?

How frequent you visit your dentist can also add up to your overall dental expenses. If you have a healthy set of teeth, you should still visit a clinic every 6 months.

However, dental check-up frequency depends on your oral health needs and your risk level. For example, if you smoke, then you should see your dentist more frequently.

You can ask your dentist about your risk level and how often you need to visit them.

How do I know if my dentist is overcharging?

This would be difficult to determine especially if your dentist does not set prices for the services they offer. That is why you should do your research on the average prices of dental services in Australia.

For example, if you see that a dentist is charging too high for dentist prices for fillings from the average, then you can ask about the details of the service.

To get peace of mind, you should choose clinics that are honest about their prices. Of course, their prices should not be far from the national average.

Are subsidised dental treatments offered?

Yes, if you are eligible for dentistry in the public system, like when you have a healthcare or pensioner concession card. Otherwise, you will have to pay for every dental service. Nonetheless, your private health insurance can cover a portion of the cost.

Also, children aged 2 to 17 can get free basic dental care services, such as check-ups, seals, extractions, fillings, and root canal, if their parents or legal guardians received the Family Tax Benefit Part A.

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