The Fountain Pen Heaven: Why Bother Using a Fountain Pen?

Usually regarded as a status symbol or a collector’s item, fountain pens available in Notedian or in any stationary shops today are overlooked. But when we talk about the writing experience, no other pen beats these vintage writing tools especially with regards to their elegance. A single pen can reveal one’s temperament and desire for style. If you’re just thinking of buying a fountain pen for a loved one’s present or maybe a way of treating yourself, the art of choosing the right one is key.

Daisy Goodwin of the Sunday Times once said that since writing by hand is not a chore anymore but a choice, the delight of writing with ink and paper is an exceptional feeling. Here is a compilation of why this delight of writing using fountain pens is still quite alive despite the rise of technology.

Fountain Pens make a statement

They aren’t regarded as your normal everyday use pens anymore, but rather as an accessory that shows who you are in life. For example, business men and politicians use them for official signatures, writers use for their calligraphy art and whatnot. Modern technology allowed us to have a way of communication that is quicker than writing letters, allowing writings with fountain pens to become more sincere and well thought of.

Fountain Pens make you feel in Zen mode

The stresses of the real world were not absent when the fountain pens were used for writing. With that being said, writing with these vintage tools helps to relax you in a way that it makes you slow down with every letter you write. Buying fountain pens at reliable stationary shops like Notedian or any store really makes you reconnect in history with every stroke and dash of ink on delicate paper.

Fountain Pens do not harm Mother Earth

I dare you to recount all of the ballpoint pens you have used in your lifetime. Now, try to remember how many you have already lost and negate it to that first number. It’s hard and heartbreaking to believe that all those lost and neglected pens from your past went to trouble our environment, right? Buying fountain pens can, in a way, let you help Mother Earth by minimizing contribution to the trash of the world unlike disposable pens. You can reuse the fountain pen for ages to come; it can become great family heirlooms at that.

Fountain Pens allow you to write lavishly and comfortably

Unlike ballpoint pens that need pressure to be applied on the nibs, fountain pens glide on the surface of any material with almost no pressure. Aside from that, you’re going to achieve a whole new kind of stylish penmanship thru buying your personalized preference of holds and nibs from stationary shops like Notedian and deciding what kind of angle of the pen you will use when writing.

Fountain Pens can aid your crummy handwriting

Speaking of slowing down and choosing the angle of the pen to use, fountain pens can help you slow down while writing each letter to benefit your penmanship. Since you need to carefully consider and take your time in writing each and every letter with a fountain pen, the chance of improving your handwriting is clearly 100%. Not to mention the virtue of patience you can adopt.

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