Sunday, October 25


There used to be a time when hair extensions were considered tacky. Nowadays, they are widely accepted and more women are using them, not just celebrities. The ability to add length, volume and body to your natural hair are just some of the reasons why hair extensions have gotten so popular. The demand has also brought in more styles to choose from that allows women to have more styling possibilities with them too. The advent of clip-in hair extensions have also made putting them on easier; hence, a lot of women opt to attach their own hair extensions at home. But here is a word of warning: find a professional hair extentions Bondi Junction salon offers, especially if this is your first time to use extensions.

One of the biggest questions you will face the moment you decide to use hair extensions is whether to apply it yourself, or seek professional help from a hairdresser. For women who like to save, they would opt for the first option. This is a valid option but only when you have tried using hair extensions before and have applied them yourself multiple times.

Benefits of a Hairdresser Service

However, women with zero experience using hair extensions must visit a hairdresser at a hair extentions Bondi Junction salon has to offer. These hairdressers will be able to offer services beyond simply attaching your extensions to your head. One of the best parts about working with a professional hairdresser is the consultation process that goes beforehand. During a consultation, your hairdresser will help you pick out the best type of hair extensions to use. Indeed, there is more than one type of extension available. For the novice users, they simply use whatever hair extensions they can find first. But a professional stylist knows better.

Colour Matching

Another important step during the consultation is colour matching of the extensions. One of the ways in which you can give away the fact that you’re wearing extensions is when the colour of the extensions do not match that of your natural hair colour. But a professional stylist can help you make the right choice using their professional eye and skill. Thus, you can guarantee that your extensions will blend in naturally with your hair.

Keeping Your Extensions Secure

Finally, the main reason why you should hire a professional to attach your hair extensions is to secure them in place. Obviously, your vision will be limited when attaching the extensions yourself whereas a professional hairdresser can secure the extensions in place better than you can on your own. The last thing you want is to have your extensions fall off while you are out in public. If the extensions are not fastened securely, though, this is not impossible as you can accidentally tug at the strands causing them to fall off. See more at Dan Hadley Adelaide

Think of the above pointers when you are planning to boost the length and volume of your hair. Choose a professional and well-known hair extentions Bondi Junction salon has to offer. That way, you can guarantee that your hair extensions blend seamlessly with your natural hair and that you can achieve the hairstyle you want.