Sunday, October 25

How to safely use a trampoline

Trampolines are lots of fun and are a great way to get some physical activity into a child’s day, but are they safe? Being worried about trampoline safety is justifiable since it does pose some risk of injury. This doesn’t mean however that your child should not use a trampoline. There are ways to use trampolines safely and this is with the help of accessories like nets and pads, like the ones you can find on


Aside from nets and pads, there are other ways to ensure that the trampoline you have is safely used by kids. Here are some safety tips that you should try:

  • Supervise kids when they play. This is a must when you allow your kids to play on a trampoline and other similar equipment that pose some threat to their safety. Keep an eye on them at all times when they are jumping around on a trampoline and make sure they remember to play nice. Roughhousing on a trampoline should also be discouraged.
  • Don’t let small kids play with big kids on them. It is very easy to get carried away when you are having fun. The play might start okay but bigger kids may forget they have little kids on the trampoline with them once they start enjoying themselves. Let kids of different ages take turns on the trampoline to avoid accidents. If possible, have kids play one at a time on it.
  • Check the trampoline’s condition before having anyone use it. Make sure the trampoline you have is in good condition before allowing kids to use it. Check the mat to make sure that there are no holes in it. Check the net as well to make sure these also don’t have holes. See if the springs are securely fastened on all ends and don’t show signs of deterioration. Make sure the frame has no damage and leg braces are locked. If you find any trampoline part in need of replacement, check for the parts that you need. You should also ask an expert to fix your trampoline for you.
  • Make sure your trampoline is standing in a flat, open, safe area. Where you place your trampoline also plays a part in how safe it is for your child to use. The ground underneath it should be level and at ground level. Never place a trampoline on a rooftop space since this poses a danger of falling from such a height.
  • Ensure the trampoline is not surrounded by hazards. If you think placing a trampoline under a tree for shade is a good idea, think again. Trees, walls, patio furniture, sheds, and anything that stands near your trampoline can be considered a hazard.
  • Create a safe space around the trampoline. One way to help keep injuries to a minimum is to have the surrounding area padded. You can use wood chips, sand, or some other material that can soften any impact it receives.

Buying a quality trampoline is another thing to remember. To ensure that you are getting a good quality trampoline that your kids can safely jump around on, you should consider getting one from They have trampolines already equipped with nets and safety pads.