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How to choose the best pet boarding facility and resort

Getting a pet is a huge responsibility. And, one of your jobs as a pet parent is to ensure your pet’s welfare while you’re away. Luckily, pet boarding services exist to take care of your furry friend as you enjoy your vacation. There are even pet resorts, so they can also have some rest and relaxation as well! Check out this fabulous pet boarding facility and resort:



Entrusting a pet to a boarding facility is a big deal. Not all facilities offer the same services, so it’s important to choose the right one. After all, it will be your pet’s second home, so they have to be well taken care of. Here are a few tips on how to choose the best pet boarding facility and resort:


Ask about their boarding requirements


In order to find out how they take care of animals, ask about their boarding requirements first. Most, if not all, facilities require your pet to be vaccinated before they are accepted. This ensures that the staff and the other pets are safe from catching viruses and diseases.


Take a tour of the facility


It is highly recommended to pop in by the pet boarding facility or resort before you make a decision. This way, you’ll get to see the condition of the facility and how they take care of pets. Look for red flags, such as dirty sleeping areas, tense animals, and aggressive staff. Make sure that the kennels are well-ventilated and clean, so your pet remains comfortable throughout their stay.


Know how your pet will be cared for


You should also be informed about the daily routines and the kind of care that will be provided to your pet. Ask about their exercise times, meals, baths, and medication administration. Inform them about your pet’s specific condition as well, so they have an idea how to handle your pet.


Prepare the necessary paperwork


Before you book your pet’s accommodation, make sure to prepare the needed paperwork. This will help the staff take better care of your pet. Boarding facilities usually require the following: pet’s name, age, and medical background; owner’s contact information; vaccination records; medications; and special instructions. If your pet requires additional attention, inform the staff beforehand.


Upgrade your pet’s experience


Feeling guilty that you’re going on a vacation, and you can’t bring your pet with you? You can make them feel as if they’re on a trip too. Look for pet resorts with luxury suites that offer extra care and pampering. They will usually have their own private kennels and play areas, plus additional care at no extra charge. This way, your pet will also get to go on their little holiday trip without leaving your hometown!


Having a peace of mind is important when it comes to choosing a pet boarding facility. Acacia Ridge Pet Resort is an award-winning pet resort located south of Brisbane. Whether your pet wants fun-filled playtimes or a relaxing break, Acacia Ridge can make your pet feel cared for and happy. Visit their website to learn more: