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Checklist for Your Next Bathroom Renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Contractor Offers

Checklist for Your Next Bathroom Renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs Contractor Offers

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Planning to hire bathroom renovations melbourne eastern suburbs homeowners recommend? Before you do, prepare a checklist to help smooth out the process. This will make even the most complex of home renovation simpler and more successful.

9-Point checklist for bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs


Find out how much you can spend on a renovation project and include the amount allocated for labour. If needed, have a contractor visit the site so you can acquire cents you need to spend on fixtures, tiles, and other things needed to get the job done.


Set a specific time frame and a project deadline. Ask yourself how long you’re willing to go without a bathroom to use in the house. Unless you have an extra toilet and bath, you should be very specific about the project time frame. Adjustments can be made if only the bath needs to be remodelled and the toilet is left alone.


There are three things you need to consider when renovating a bathroom — the overall size of a room, dimensions of bathroom fixtures, and location of existing electrical wiring and plumbing pipes.

It is important that you take note of these before you start tearing down walls. Failure to do so can result in you buying the wrong fixtures and a host of other problems.

Plumbing features and fixtures

Do you need to repair or replace fixtures and features as part of bathroom renovation? If you want to reuse these items, make sure they still work properly and that they fit with the overall interior theme and design. A brass tap will be an eyesore in a contemporary bathroom.

Cabinets, shelving, and storage

bathroom renovations melbourne eastern suburbs

Do you want to have these added?

In irregular-shaped bathrooms, a dean of shells to accommodate your stuff is going to be tricky. But even if this is not the case, careful planning is a priority.

Materials for walls and flooring

Because walls and floors are constantly exposed to moisture, humidity, and water, it is best to buy materials that are waterproof. As for flooring, it should be slip-resistant and durable.

Lighting design

Don’t just use any bulbs and limit yourself to ambient lighting. A beautiful bathroom has lighting that creates atmosphere and provides adequate light. There should be a balance between artificial and natural light too.

So make sure to include lighting design in the renovation plan.


Where there are moisture and water, mould and dampness are sure to follow. Because a damp and mouldy bathroom is bad for your health, ample ventilation should be at the top of your list of remodelling projects, including bath and laundry renovations. Have a plan to ensure continuous airflow.


Hire contractors of bathroom renovations Melbourne Eastern Suburbs offer. If you really want your bathroom to look like something out of a home improvement magazine, hire professionals to give it a makeover. Not anyone will do.

Look for licensed contractors and with a team of highly-trained tradespeople. If they carry out laundry renovations Melbourne homeowners recommend too, then you get to kill the proverbial two birds with one stone.